Music Arts Program

WT is pleased to offer this program as a service to children and adults in the greater community. The school arranges for and coordinates professional, private music lessons for beginning through advanced students in grades 1-12 and adults, during and after school, through its Music Arts Program. An adjunct staff of experienced professional music instructors and practicing musicians offers individual instruction.

Below you’ll find the answers to “Frequently Asked Questions” about the WT Music Arts Program. Should you need additional information, please contact Dionne Brelsford, Director of Programs, at 412-578-7533 or

Frequently Asked Questions

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Grades PK–12 and adults:
Grades 3–12 and adults:
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Length and Cost of Lessons:

Lessons are 30 minutes of instruction per week at $39 per lesson (billed monthly) plus $75 administration fee (billed in first month of lessons).

Please note we will make every attempt to honor your request, but it is subject to scheduling and the teacher's availability.

I/my child would like to take private lessons as indicated above during the 2023 – 2024 school year. My signature signifies my acceptance of the policies regarding the scheduling of lessons and make-up lessons. I understand that these lessons are arranged as a service to the school community, and constitute an agreement between the private music teacher and me.

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