WT’s science, technology, engineering, and math offerings focus on developing creative problem-solvers.

Students explore material and augment and solidify knowledge at a depth and breadth not typically seen in high school. With courses like Research Science, a project-based class where research, design, and data-collection are the backbone of students’ efforts, and Computer Science for Art and Music, where students make art-generating programs that model works of famous artists, problem-solving and cross-curricular learning is at the heart of the experience.

WT’s annual STEM Symposium allows students to share their learning to a broad audience and gives them direct experience with college-level research and presentations. Read more about these projects below.

Sample STEM Symposium Projects

I think [the STEM Symposium] is the most relevant thing we do. It is the most eye-opening thing that happens all year. There is no ‘A on a test’ that can convey what our students are capable of.

Graig Marx, Science teacher

Sigma Volume V

In Dr. Keith Bemer’s vision, Sigma is Winchester Thurston’s student-run STEM journal. The goal of the annual publication is to showcase exceptional student work at all STEM-experience levels to a broad and diverse audience while also providing WT community members with the experience of publishing in a professional-style journal.

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