The mathematics curriculum emphasizes an appreciation of the subject through experiences that encourage students to explore ideas, take risks, and think for themselves. We assert the importance of establishing fundamental skills and laying a solid foundation at every level, thereby allowing for subsequent study of mathematics and related fields. When we establish skills, the emphasis is not on rote memory, but on developing and working through logical processes that students understand. As such, daily practice is expected and needed to reinforce and further develop these mathematical skills and abilities.

We emphasize that each course is important in and of itself, for its ability to engage and for its ability to enhance mathematical fluency. Applications, connections, and the use of technology make mathematics more relevant and more accessible. The creative and critical thinking, use of logic, and problem-solving skills developed in these courses are not only necessary for successful course completion, but are also applicable to other fields and other situations.

Courses for the 2022-2023 School Year:

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