Graduation Requirements

In 2012-2013, Winchester Thurston’s Academic Policy Committee reviewed the school’s graduation requirements. The assessment revealed that the school’s requirements were as rigorous as, if not more rigorous than, those of other private and public schools, and exceeded the requirements of most colleges and universities.

Graduation Requirements
(140 Required Credits)

  • English: 4 Years, 24 Credits
  • Mathematics: 3 Years, 18 Credits
  • Lab Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology): 3 Years, 18 Credits
  • World Languages and Cultures: Completion of Level 3
  • History and Social Studies: 3 Years, 18 Credits
  • Fine Arts (Performing and Visual Arts): 3 Courses, 6 Credits (One course minimum in each department)
  • Computer Science: 2 Courses, 4 Credits
  • Physical Education: 3 Years, 6 Credits
  • Health: 1 Course, 2 Credits
  • Speech: 1 Course, 2 Credits
  • Additional Electives: various 24 Credits

Winchester Thurston students embrace the academic opportunities presented to them; for example, a student may study more than one language or opt to take two science courses in a given year. As a result, it is not unusual for a student to graduate from WT with more than the minimum 140 credits. It should be stressed that 140 credits is indeed a minimum, and full participation in the academic life of the school is expected. Moreover, in light of college expectations that students challenge themselves to the degree possible, a student who opts for minimum requirements in one area is advised to exceed the requirements in another.

Normally a student must attend WT for at least two years to be eligible for a diploma. In the rare case that a student enters in his or her senior year, the transcript will be examined to be sure he or she meets graduation requirements. For a student entering after the ninth grade, the general requirement is adjusted. Although not given credits toward a WT diploma, a student will be recognized for work done at previous schools, for purposes of placing him or her at the appropriate level and to determine specific departmental graduation requirements.

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