City as Our Campus

City as Our Campus℠ amplifies student learning by providing unique educational opportunities with leaders from the academic, cultural, scientific, non-profit, and business community in Pittsburgh. City as Our Campus is an extension of WT’s core academic curriculum and augments it by providing meaningful, real-world experiences.

Students at our private high school in Pittsburgh have the opportunity to engage in various City as Our Campus projects and courses. Students are not only gaining access to a wealth of community resources, but they are actively working to make a difference.

Self-Directed Learning
Students are challenged to take control of their learning. In Research Science and Computer Science Innovations, two year-long courses, students design and build original products such as robotic hands or drones that test for air quality. These experiences prepare our students to be self-reliant innovators.

Advocating for Change
By partnering with various people and organizations from the community, our students have the ability to make significant change. Juniors and seniors partner with the Pittsburgh City Council to write and propose policy drafts for legislation consideration. Computer science and math courses analyze city data to improve systems and reduce crime. Urban Research and Design, a year-long capstone course, investigate urban redevelopment and the social issues that surround it, then actively work to improve the situations for those impacted by it.

See how City as Our Campus amplifies Upper School student learning

Entrepreneurship and Product Design

In this year-long Upper School course, students are asked to come up with a product design and feature set that is intended to make other people's lives easier.

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