City as Our Campus

City as Our Campus℠ amplifies student learning by providing unique educational opportunities with leaders from the academic, cultural, scientific, non-profit, and business community in Pittsburgh. It is an extension of WT’s core middle school curriculum and middle school electives and augments them by providing meaningful, real-world experiences.

In our private Middle School, students are engaged in learning experiences that introduce and engage the broader community to explore new interests, investigate pressing social issues, and connect with a diversity of people. This is a crucial stepping stone on the path to Upper School, where students will have the opportunity to establish more partnerships and to intern within the broader community.

Exploring Pittsburgh
Many Middle School experiences take students out of the classroom and into the city to explore cultural sites, learn about the ethnic heritage of different neighborhoods, or explore urban architecture. In seventh grade language arts, students write place-based poetry after participating on walking tours of local neighborhoods and interacting with the people, places, and history of the area. In world languages, students discover how immigrants and different ethnic groups have shaped our city, both historically and today.

Community Co-educators
WT engages experts from the community as collaborators, co-educators, and mentors. Eighth grade students are paired with local professors, policy makers, and advocates who mentor them as they write research papers focused on social issues. Community members also take residence in classes, such as artists from the Andy Warhol Museum in art electives or local scientists in science classes.

Active Learning
Our students are not only learning in the classroom, but they are applying that learning in the community. Sixth graders are planting pollinator gardens throughout the city to improve the health of bees. Students are learning about community development and advocating for change. Together, students and teachers are applying their learning to make a lasting investment in our city.