City as Our Campus

City as Our Campus℠ amplifies student learning by providing unique educational opportunities with leaders from the academic, cultural, scientific, non-profit, and business community in Pittsburgh. City as Our Campus is an extension of WT’s core academic curriculum and augments it by providing meaningful, real-world experiences. By working with diverse members of the community – and with a range of resources, tools, and materials – lower school students don’t just gain understanding of the community’s most pressing issues, they work to solve them.

In Lower School, students and teachers are working together to investigate the history, function, and issues of our community. Students in our private elementary school learn from, and engage with the community - from exploring the community through systems thinking to tackling environmental issues in our region, learning from local experts to gaining access to world renowned museums and theater companies. As part of our Lower School curriculum, students’ engage with the community through relevant, impactful learning experiences. Explore some examples of City as Our Campus initiatives.

The Science of Architecture
First graders study architecture to better understand how their surroundings are designed and built. Students learn how math and science are used in architecture, understand the role of an architect, and eventually create their own buildings with local architects. This project is a partnership with Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation, and Assemble Pittsburgh.

Study of Pittsburgh
Learning about the history of Pittsburgh leads third graders to a deeper understanding of our city today. The students visit various cultural and historical sites. They participate in walking tours to discover the ethnic heritage of our local neighborhoods. A study of bridges and urban design leads them to discussions about the unintended consequences of urban redevelopment. Throughout this work, students are considering their role within the larger system of their city.

From There to Here
Pittsburgh is a city with increasing diversity from immigration. To better understand the impacts of immigration, fifth grade students capture oral histories of people who immigrated to Pittsburgh. A partnership with SLB Radio Productions teaches students interviewing and radio skills, then tasks them with conducting and editing the interviews to create an interactive archive of the immigration stories. This project honors these people and their stories while encouraging our students to consider the various experiences and motivations of all people.

Experience WT

See how City as Our Campus amplifies student learning – take a look inside Engineering Week! With help from the Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse, students designed downhill vehicles created from recycled materials and put their vehicles to the test at the culminating “Nerdy Derby.”