Academic Enrichment and Challenge Program

Many schools offer programs for high-ability learners, but often enrichment programming is constrained by limited resources. As a result, many schools’ programs take a “one-size-fits-all” approach. At WT we use a smart, student-centered approach that evolves as students progress from one division to the next and their development needs change.

In the Lower School, our Academic Enrichment and Challenge Program (AEC) provides high-ability learners with an appropriate education that meets their learning needs. By using methods that address the individual learning rates and styles of our learners, we develop a stimulating environment that encourages and nurtures inquiry, flexibility, and creative thinking. We offer:

  • Whole-class and small-group activities in the classroom that complement the existing curricula.
  • Interesting and fun activities—like logic puzzles, critical thinking games, and academic competitions—that keep students engaged.
  • Pull-out programs in certain subjects (often math and language arts) that challenge students performing two or more grade levels beyond their classmates.
  • A library of extensive resources at each campus that is open to all, and faculty who work with classroom teachers to create and provide enrichment for all students.
  • Highly qualified AEC teachers who develop and implement individualized learning experiences
  • Thorough and ongoing academic evaluation to identify high-ability students who need enrichment programming.
  • Ongoing monitoring and evaluation to continually adapt enrichment programming to developmental and academic needs of students and their re-entry to the classroom when appropriate.

What Makes Our AEC Program Unique

AEC students can spend one period per day with our highly trained enrichment teachers. Pull-out enrichment classes are small, allowing our teachers to truly individualize and tailor their instruction. Whatever form this instruction takes, the goal is the same: to keep all WT students challenged, engaged, and excited about learning.