G. Gray Garland

Paying Tribute to Miss Mitchell’s Athletics Legacy

In 2005, G. Gray Garland contributed a very important gift to the Winchester Thurston Community—Garland Field. Mr. Garland named the field in honor of his wife, Peggy McCann Garland, a 1944 alumna, who remembered WT sports fondly, thanks to Headmistress Miss Mitchell. When Peggy McCann attended WT, a heart condition prevented her from participating in sports. But Miss Mitchell provided an opportunity for her to contribute to athletics teams, even though she could not compete alongside her friends. Peggy carried the water, kept score, and never forgot the wise words of Miss Mitchell: “If you want to do something, you can always find away.” Miss Mitchell’s outlook inspired the Garlands to make a donation that would transform WT sports facilities.

A Transformational Athletics Contribution

By naming Garland Field, Mr. Garland provided an invaluable component to WT’s Athletics facilities. While the former grass field was uneven, muddy, and sloping, the new level, all-weather turf field is a point of pride for the WT Bears. Garland Field immensely impacts the Athletics program, student-athletes, and the larger Winchester Thurston community. [Link] 2013-2014 marked WT’s most successful athletics year to date. Needless to say, Garland Field was instrumental in this achievement. The Bears will continue to honor Mr. Garland’s generosity by striving for sports success and playing with the can-do spirit passed down from Miss Mitchell to Mrs. Garland.