Summer Reading

Students in grades 3-12 have required readings which must be completed before the start of the 2018-2019 school year. To find out what your student's requirements are this summer, please review the list below, grouped by school.

Summer reading is intended to prepare students for the literature, motifs, and themes that they will be studying during the year. The summer selections serve as introductions to the course work and as frames of reference throughout the year. Because of these important connections, we take summer reading seriously. In some classes, students may be required to take quizzes, participate in discussions, and/or write essays.

For Upper School students, please be sure to check both the required all-Upper School WT Reads list in addition to the required individual classes list. Returning students should have already submitted their WT Reads preference for grouping purposes.

To facilitate the students' preparation for these expectations, we strongly recommend the following:

  1. Take notes as you read; focus on character, conflict, repeated images, plot lines, setting.
  2. Highlight/underline passages which you believe are significant or pose questions or problems for you. Jot down the page number(s), so you have a quick, easy reference for class discussion.
  3. Review these notes before the start of school.

In addition, we encourage students to read widely in books of their own choice.

Lower School Required Reading

Middle School Required Reading

Upper School Required Reading

WT Reads
(for all Upper School students)

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