Life at WT

Where Smart Meets Heart

We’re not only a school, but a community that is preparing students for a rapidly changing world. Beyond the rigorous academic program at the Winchester Thurston School, there are abundant extracurricular and enrichment programs across all divisions in which students learn invaluable life lessons, build leadership and friendships, develop poise, confidence, and the ability to compete, present, and perform.

WT boasts a vibrant and active community which is known for its welcoming culture and its commitment to developing individuals of strong character who embrace our founder’s command to “Think Also of the Comfort and the Rights of Others.”

A Smart Curriculum for Smart Students

At the heart of WT’s rigorous and dynamic program is a challenging college preparatory curriculum that provides a strong core in English, math, science, social studies, history, world languages, and the visual and performing arts.

But that’s just the beginning.

We offer an intentional program that develops smart people who can think, collaborate, innovate, and achieve. WT’s intellectually curious students eagerly embrace opportunities to learn, and they grow as independent, critical thinkers, leaders, and accomplished individuals with tenacity and self-awareness. This happens by design, in a learning environment that encourages students to stretch, experiment, and reflect, while holding them to a high standard of responsibility for learning.

Our Mission of active engagement stems from the fact that students learn best when they are active, full participants in the learning process; when they see the relevance of their study; and when connections are made across disciplines.

Outstanding Faculty

Our passionate teachers know each student individually and personally; they take the initiative to develop new courses, units of study, and programs, and engage their students in learning beyond school walls, and most of all, they are known and remembered for challenging their students to reach a little bit higher, dig a little bit deeper, and experience the joy that can only come from a well-earned accomplishment.

Nationally Recognized City as Our Campus

In 2009, WT was recognized by the Edward E. Ford Foundation for its groundbreaking City as Our Campus initiative, which connects the WT curriculum to the cultural, research, and educational resources in and around the region.

Vigorous Intellectual Community

Walk through the doors of WT, and you encounter active learning right away: a process that is joyful, intense, and punctuated by respect for the accomplishments and talents of each student. Where does it come from? Start with eager, curious students and a faculty determined to draw forth their intellect. Then add smart programs, methodologies, and techniques that create the kind of community that supports learning.