Miss Mitchell Society

In 2002 Winchester Thurston created the Miss Mitchell Society to thank and recognize the many generous donors whose bequests and planned gifts continue to expand the vision of Dr. Mary A. Graham Mitchell, Head of School from 1902 through 1947. Dr. Mitchell was an educational pioneer, dedicated to instilling a passion for learning. The central tenet that governed every one of Miss Mitchell's written and unwritten rules, "Think also of the comfort and the rights of others," continues to reverberate in the hearts and minds of alumnae/i and serve as the ethical compass for today's students.

Miss Mitchell Society gifts can take the form of bequests, bequest intentions, charitable trusts, life insurance policies, or charitable gift annuities. We would be delighted to welcome you as a member of the Miss Mitchell Society. Membership requires no particular giving or bequest amount. Simply let us know of your intention to include WT in your estate plans by completing the Miss Mitchell Society Membership Form and contacting Monica Manes Gay, Director of Advancement, at 412-578-3746 or gaym@winchesterthurston.org to discuss your plans.

Miss Mitchell Society Members

WT salutes the generosity and support of this very special group of alumnae/i and friends.

Betsy Aiken '72
Marybert Murbach Allen '40*
Ann E. Armstrong T'29*
Suzanne LeClere Barley '52
Loretta Lobes Benec '88
Barbara Abney Bolger '52
Arthur E. Braun*
Eleanor Harbison Bream '31*
Herbert Briggs, Jr.*
Kathleen W. Buechel
Barbara Hunter Burghart '71*
Mrs. Henrietta T. Campbell, Honorary Alumna*
Marion Weis Cohen '44*
Marion Montgomery Colbourne '52
Anne Rush Cook W'34*
Joan Clark Davis '65
Judith Rohrer Davis '57
Nancy Steigerwalt Dwyer '37*
Mary Campbell Eckhardt '38*
Judith Ellenbogen '58
Virginia A. Elliott T'26*
Justine Diebold Englert '59
Eleanor Lanz Ericson T'17*
Anna-Stina Ericson '44
Elizabeth Braun Ernst '23*
Margaret J. Garner T'18*
Mabel L. Gillespie T'04*
Robert I. Glimcher
Ethel C. Goodreds '22*
Rita J. Gould '46*
Edna Rieck Graham T'11*
Barbara Graves-Poller '93
Mary Houston Griffin '21*
Jeanne Logan Hardie '34*
Rosanne Isay Harrison '56
Nancy Robb Hendel '51*
Jean Murray Johnson '27*
Lida B. Johnston*
Suzanne Dressler Kellar '55 *
Eugene S. Kerber*
Kathryn W. Kruse '58
James Craighead Kuhn, Jr.*

Lucille Showalter Leggett '11*
Elsa Limbach
Louise Baldridge Lytle '51
Jocelyn Hulme MacConnell '43*
Carole Oswald Markus '57
Gretchen Larson Maslanka '83
Gertrude Dally Massie '18*
Marga Matheny '64
Patricia L. Maykuth '69
Anne (Rooney) Forncrook McCloskey '45*
Beverlee Simboli McFadden '55
J. Sherman McLaughlin, Honorary Alumnus '93*
Kathleen L. Metinko '91
Edith Allerton Miller*
Frances P. Minno
Alexander M. Minno*
Frances Alter Mitchell '30*
Eileen Mauclair Muse '61
Bee Jee Epstine Morrison '56
Judy Apt Nathenson '69*
Jane Bortman Porter '42*
Henry Posner III
Jane Dunn Prejean '36*
Kathy Zillweger Putnam '71
Letitia Reick '43*
Eleanor M. Reilly, Honorary Alumna*
Alan D. Riester*
Susan Criep Santa-Cruz '60
Jennifer M. Scanlon
Dorothy Dodworth Scullin '47*
Sheen Sehgal '89
Virginia A. Sheppard '41
Richard E. Sigler*
Marianna Epstine Specter '58*
Janet L. Stevenson '16*
Molly Cannon Stevenson '72*
Allyson Baird Sveda '84
Ruth Weimer Tillar '41*
Rosalie Morris Voorhis '16*
Gaylen Westfall, Honorary Alumna
Carol Spear Williams '57
Norma Weis Wilner '40*

* - Deceased
T - The Thurston School
W - The Winchester School