Cyrus & Kim Daboo
Cyrus & Kim Daboo: "WT Is Our Community"

"Investing in our children's education is the main reason WT is a philanthropic priority for our family, but it goes well beyond the purely academic. When searching for a school in what has become our adopted hometown, we were also hoping to find a community that would stand in for the family we lack in Pittsburgh. We found that community in WT's caring and nurturing environment. Supporting the school that supports all of us makes donating a very easy decision."

Harbinder & Holly Khera
Harbinder & Holly Khera: Forging New Pathways

Mutual regard and service are guiding tenets in our faith and personal beliefs. We believe education builds a solid core of wealth that can never be taken away and that grows when it is shared. In so many ways, the school aligns with these principles, making WT the clear choice for our children. The small class size allows teachers to holistically focus on each child’s style of learning, recognizing and honoring their individual strengths, challenges, and passions. The City as Our Campus program connects Sophia and Rohan with the larger Pittsburgh community and challenges them to think with sensitivity. With a feeling of abundance, we continue to choose WT through our giving, guided by the belief that our gifts will create new pathways for the students of today and tomorrow.

Clifford Chen & Robin Ziegler
Clifford Chen & Robin Ziegler
For Thoughtfulness, Creativity, Passion, and Energy

"Watching our daughter grow up and develop into a thoughtful, creative human being ‎at Winchester Thurston is, of course. the main reason we feel compelled to give to WT. The school has created an atmosphere of learning in which our daughter has thrived. This is not only because of the strong academic curriculum but also because of the nurturing environment. We are giving in particular to the auditorium project because we believe the arts - the theater, dance, and music programs ‎- at WT are an important part of what sets the school apart from other such institutions and which allow it to develop such creative kids with passion and energy for whatever they choose to do."

Ward Allebach & Lisa Steagall: Stepping up for Falk Auditorium

Ward Allebach & Lisa Steagall
There are more and more worthwhile options for our charitable giving every year. When our daughter started at the middle school, we did not immediately understand why we should put WT on that list. But after our son enrolled, too, it became clear that supporting the school beyond tuition is the right thing to do for many reasons. As an educator myself, I love, respect, and appreciate WT’s approach to educating our kids. Teachers are accessible, and administrators are responsive, which is great for us; and the small class sizes allow for much deeper and meaningful teacher-student relationships, which so many students need. Our kids have always loved performing in the theater, and WT’s productions are so outstanding that when we heard about the renovation of Falk Auditorium, we agreed it was our time to step up.