Class of 2014

The Power of 60

Class of 2014 Honors Teachers with Endowment Gift

WT Class of 2014

In a remarkable demonstration of gratitude, the Class of 2014’s Senior Gift Committee decided to depart from tradition to make its mark on WT. Joining together in fund raising projects throughout the year, the Class raised and donated funds to the Winchester Thurston Endowment, designating their donation for faculty professional development and leaving a permanent legacy that says “thank you” to WT faculty.

Committee Chair Ally Siegel said, “Our committee had many great ideas for a gift. However, the idea of having a fund that would support our teachers was something that resonated with each of us, and we felt strongly about finding a way to show our appreciation for the significant impact our teachers have made on our education and overall WT experience.”

Class of 2014 parents, along with other friends in the WT community, were inspired by the Class of 2014’s determination to honor their teachers with this Endowment gift. Many donors came forward as a result, contributing donations in honor of Winchester Thurston teachers that resulted in approximately $65,000 added to the WT Endowment, specifically for professional development for teachers.

“This is a remarkable class and a remarkable project,” said Maura Farrell, Associate Head for External Affairs. “The committee wanted their senior gift to have important impact and to set an example for other classes; they saw this project as their first act of adult philanthropy, and they saw it as a way to express gratitude. What a powerful message for 60 students to send to the WT community, and what an extraordinary gift.”