Celebrating 47 Years of Performing Arts Excellence at WT

Close-up black-and-white photo of Ms. Barb Whitney Holmes

There’s no one way to participate in this initiative. Here are just a few ways:

After 46 years of transforming theater and lives at WT, Mrs. Barbara Whitney Holmes is retiring at the end of this school year. While it will be challenging to say goodbye, we’re grateful for all she’s done for this community. She is the living embodiment of “gentle in manner, strong in deed.”

It is clear to us that Performing Arts at WT impacts lives dramatically. We invite you to join us in celebrating her final year at WT.

Through connection and camaraderie, we will demonstrate our gratitude for WT's Performing Arts program and the service of Ms. Holmes. We wish to amplify her legacy and the power of the arts while reinforcing relationships and building bridges within the WT community. Barb created a safe space for us to learn, empathize, and grow. We seek to ensure this deep sense of belonging is available to current and future WT students.

We can’t imagine doing this without you. We look forward to hearing your stories and connecting with you in honor of Barb. Check out the many ways you can participate below.

Barb’s Brigade

Hadley Armstrong '09

Alisa Beverley '06

Felix Bhattacharya '21

Michael Booker '12

Joshua Brelsford '17

Owen Brelsford '19

Peter Curtis '08

Nia D'Emilio '12

Ian Gould '94

Beth Hoffman '03

Samara Schaffer Hutman '80

Sam Llovet-Nava '22

Don Michael Mendoza '06

Lara Miller '04

AJ Molder '19

Anne O'Dair-Holovacs '80

Andrew Santelli '00

Alec Silberblatt '08

Heather Harrison Volik '91

Gaylen Faller Westfall, Honorary Alumna

Andrew Wickerham '06

Have questions? Want to share an idea with the team? Would you like to connect with a member of Barb’s Brigade? Email PALC@winchesterthurston.org or call 412-578-3748