Winchester Thurston School is pleased to present our paperless eBill and electronic payment system.

Your online WT student account can be accessed at any time using your Payer ID* and Password** and for your convenience you have the option to pay your bill from your checking account, savings account, or a major credit card.

You will receive an "eBill Available" e-mail notice each time a new statement is posted for your account.

Forgot your *Payer ID?
Your Payer ID is always the first line item in every "eBill Available" notice.

Forgot your **Password?
You can request your password from the login page by clicking on the "Email My Password" link.

Need to change your email address?
After logging in to eBill, click on "eBill Settings" under the heading "eBill/EPay."

Click here to access your student account information.

eBills are static -- amounts listed for a particular month will remain the same for that month anytime you log into your account. Payments, credits, or charges that occur throughout the month following an eBill posting date will be reflected on the following month's eBill (only when a balance of $10 or more is owed to the school).

To view the detail of each eBill:

  • 1. Click "View eBills"
  • 2. Under the "Select" column, click on the circle next to the statement date you'd like to view
  • 3. Click "View"

Questions? Contact: Svetlana Shabalov at 412-578-7509 or shabalovs@winchesterthurston.org