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Winchester Thurston School welcomes admission applications from international students. In order to apply for admission, international students must:

WT is a day school and admission is also contingent upon the student living either with his or her biological parent or with an appropriate host family. We can provide you with the names of local organizations who provide this service.

Once an accepted student has enrolled at WT, the Admission Office will issue an I-20 form allowing the student to begin the visa process. Please visit for more information about the visa process.

Why should international students attend WT?
WT leads the way in educational innovation, rigorous academics, scholarly standards, and a learning environment that better prepares students for the challenges of a changing world. Nationally recognized for work with gifted and talented students and for innovative programs, WT is a school in which students achieve at the highest levels.

  • 20% of the Class of 2013 and 23% of the Class of 2012 were recognized by the College Board as National Merit Finalists, Semi-finalists, Commended Scholars, or Achievement Scholars. Nationally, only about 5% of students are recognized with these distinctions each year for their performance on the PSAT.
  • In a benchmarking group of 30 independent schools around the nation, WT had the highest number of students taking at least one AP exam in 2012-2013. AP exams are scored on a scale of 1-5, with a 3 being the threshold for students to receive college credit. Nationally, 61% of all students taking AP exams in 2012-2013 scored a 3 or higher.
    • 95% of WT’s Upper School students who took the Biology, Chemistry, or Physics AP exam scored a 3 or higher. Within the benchmarking group, WT had the highest scores.
    • 72% of WT’s Upper School students who took the U.S. History AP exam scored a 3 or higher.
    • 92% of WT’s Upper School students who took the English Language and Literature AP exam scored a 3 or higher.
    • 65% of WT’s Upper School students who took the Calculus AP exam scored a 3 or higher.
  • In its Post-AP curriculum, WT offers Advanced Topics in Mathematics for students who have completed Calculus, and two rigorous City as Our Campus courses in the Upper School, which require students to apply skills and knowledge to real world challenges – Urban Research and Design and Research Science.

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