Inside the WT Experience

Wonder what it's like to be a student at WT?

Take a look inside the WT experience with these stories from our faculty members. You'll see direct examples of how we engage each student in a challenging and inspiring learning process. Check back often to get a fresh look into Winchester Thurston and to better understand that at WT the only thing more powerful than what students learn is why they learn it.

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City as Our Campus

See how City as Our Campus amplifies student learning – take a look inside Entrepreneurship and Product Design, Engineering Week, and the first grade Urban Planning, Architecture, and Community Development unit!

Entrepreneurship and Product Design

In this year-long Upper School course, students are asked to come up with a product design and feature set that is intended to make other people's lives easier.

Engineering Week

With help from the Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse, students designed downhill vehicles created from recycled materials and put their vehicles to the test at the culminating “Nerdy Derby."

Urban Planning, Architecture, and Community Development

After experiencing walking tours of local neighborhoods and architecture workshops with City as Our Campus partner Assemble and WT parents, first grade students work together to create spaces that are friendly for everyone in the community.