Teaching Kindness and Uniqueness in Pre-K
Alaina Loman, Kindergarten Teacher

For the start of our fall unit, City Campus Pre-Kindergarten visited Soergel's Orchard. At Soergel's, we read The Legend of Spookley, the Square Pumpkin. This story is a heartwarming story about a square pumpkin trying to fit in among round pumpkins. In the story, Spookley feels out of place until a storm hits the farm, and only his square shape can help save all of the pumpkins. This book opened up a wonderful opportunity to discuss kindness and qualities that make each of us unique.

After our story we went to the pumpkin patch to pick pumpkins. During our picking, we noticed how all of the pumpkins on the pumpkin patch were all different and unique, just like all of us!

Our fun field trip also included a hay ride, a walk through a corn maze, recess in the play area at the orchard, and lunch on the patio before we headed back to school. 

This week we will be creating a bulletin board of our very own "Spookley" pumpkin patch that shows how our differences are what make us so special and unique. 

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