Penguins and Pre-K
Paige Reichert and Alaina Loman, Kindergarten Teachers

In Pre-Kindergarten science, we explored the Arctic. We studied several arctic animals, including whales, polar bears, and penguins. We explored the heights of four different penguin species and found that all our students stand between the King Penguin and the Emperor Penguin. We also studied how various animals stay warm and dry in the cold, harsh weather conditions. We experimented and found that these animals have blubber to keep them warm, and specifically, penguins have oils on their feathers that make them waterproof. The students tested this using crayon and water. Lastly, the highlight of our unit was a visit from an African Penguin named Disco. This partnership with the National Aviary was the most magical way to wrap up our study. One student exclaimed, "It's like we're having a Disco party!"  

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