Remote Learning Culminating Moments

We are pleased to share here just a small sampling of the culminating events that occurred in a very different way during the 2019-2020 school year as our school buildings remained closed to help stop the spread of COVID-19. WT is committed to developing individuals of strong character and preparing them for the demands of a changing world–no matter the setting!

We are so proud of our students and faculty who embraced remote learning with gusto.

Sigma Volume III

From the Editors: The goal of Sigma’s third edition is to inspire the people around us–the WT community and beyond–to learn about STEM, its importance, and ultimately use their knowledge for the betterment of the Earth and humankind. Our purpose is to demonstrate that all scientific and technical contributions are valuable regardless of author, topic, or means of expression.

Performing Arts Ensembles' "Alone Together" Recordings

Students in the Upper School Jazz Band, Orchestra, and Guitar Ensembles, each in their own homes, collaborated with City as Our Campus partner Mr. Small’s Studio to produce their end-of-year performances. Using recordings by their teacher John Maione as a guide, students performed their own individual parts for each piece which were then digitally mixed to create the recordings. Have a listen!

Miss Mitchell Project Uncovers Ideas and Ideals of WT Founder

A multi-faceted, interdisciplinary study of WT's founder Miss Mitchell by fifth grade students went online when school was closed. The final projects included a play, a statue, a song, a shirt, a Scratch project, and this video about the school's credo, "Think also of the comfort and the rights of others."

Lower School Stop Motion Videos

Fifth grade students were challenged to create short films through drawing, animating toys and objects from around their home, building wire armatures, and using a scrolling background. Students also learned how to build their own tripods, develop characters and plot, create storyboards, make sound effects, and craft opening and closing credits. Couldn't make the Red Carpet Virtual Premiere? Here's a taste of what was shared!

Plaid: Nocturne

Plaid is a professional-level forum for personal expression, discourse, and communication. This year's editors share, "It's hard to process this catastrophe while we're living in it... Thankfully, throughout our hours stuck inside, one thing has remained constant: art."

Upper School STEM Symposium

The annual STEM Symposium highlights areas of scientific research and experimentation. It is the culminating event for students across several different classes. This year’s event was held as a virtual experience. Attendees had the opportunity to learn about each project in advance of the event as well as to participate in live, online question and answer sessions with the students.

Get a taste of this year's projects which include a mushroom-infused panel to be placed into beehives to help with honey bee population decline, and a type-1 diabetes simulation using virtual reality to increase empathy between diabetic patients and their parents, doctors, and nurses.

Eighth Grade Social Justice Project

This project is a capstone of the eighth grade experience and includes original research on a current international social/environmental justice issue. This year's culminating activity moved online with students sharing their creative elements and reflection to demonstrate the depth of their research and to showcase an element of that research to the public.

Projects spanned from political and economic issues to environmental and gender concerns and included a website developed to understand the Venezuelan Refugee Crisis, a song and music video on the impact of human behavior on koalas in the Australian wildfires, and an article on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on education in Guatemala. Explore a sample of these projects.