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Coeducation does not simply mean educating students in the same classrooms. It denotes a philosophy of schooling, learning, and equality. A co-educational school thinks deliberately and seriously about how students can learn from each other by sharing their talents and intellect. A coeducational classroom creates a realistic environment that when combined with high expectations, provides an informed education. As a leading private coeducational school, WT embodies this philosophy in every aspect of our learning environment.

  • Students succeed in school when the elements of an informed education are present. Such elements include small classes and schools, equitable teaching practices, and a focused academic curriculum. Our status as a private coeducational school allows us to provide small, personalized classrooms where every student’s voice is heard.
  • Coeducational schools offer the best replication of the broader society both in the workplace and in social settings. Students who learn to work together are clearly prepared for the wide world beyond school.
  • In a healthy school environment, no student is compromised by their gender.
  • Coeducation sends a strong message of the fundamental compatibility of difference, equality, and achievement.
  • Students excel in coeducational settings -- particularly with teachers who are trained to understand and prepare for gender differences in communications, learning styles, and social development, and who encourage all students to participate fully in discussions, hands-on experimentation, and team projects.
  • Student-centered schools like WT are able to respond to each child's particular interests, strengths, and weaknesses, recognizing each student as an individual who may develop at rates different from peers across a spectrum of areas. This personalized attention is a hallmark of private coeducational schools. At WT, we pride ourselves on recognizing and nurturing the individual potential of each student. 

If you would like to learn more about our private coeducational school, or Winchester Thurston’s coeducation philosophy, please contat the Admissions office at at 412-578-7518 or to schedule a tour or Zoom meeting.


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