Financial Aid FAQs

Will the results of the Parents' Financial Statement automatically be sent to me? No. You must request a family report in question 7A on the PFS and include an additional payment.

Do I have to re-apply for financial aid each year? Yes. Financial aid eligibility is based upon income from the previous year, and as a result, families must submit a PFS and a copy of their tax return for every year the student is enrolled.

Are there costs in addition to tuition? Yes. For a full description of costs please refer to the Winchester Thurston Financial Information sheet.

Is there an income cut-off for financial aid consideration? No. Since many other factors including number of children, assets, and debts go into the financial aid process, there is no one income level that can clearly represent a cut-off for every family.

Are there any other sources of funding available to assist families with school costs? Yes. In addition to financial aid and scholarships from the school, private loan options, and extended payment plans, there are many sources of outside scholarships available to students considering independent schools. For a full list of these scholarships, go to

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