Financial Aid & Scholarships

Winchester Thurston School is committed to maintaining a socioeconomically diverse student body by providing a need-based financial aid program to assist parents whose children would not otherwise have the opportunity to attend our private school. Parents who believe their children are eligible for admission, but cannot afford to pay full tuition, should consider applying for scholarships and financial aid for private school.

Financial Aid Application Process

WT works with a third-party organization called the Clarity Tuition, which evaluates a student’s eligibility for financial aid through an online application called Clarity Application. While Clarity Tuition recommends an amount each family can pay towards tuition, the school’s Financial Aid Committee makes the final decision regarding award amounts. Read more about the process.


Although applications for financial aid to our private school exceed our available resources, we award financial aid grants to as many students as possible, choosing those students who are highly qualified and most compatible with the mission of Winchester Thurston School.


  • Financial aid grants range from $500 to full tuition.
  • Lower School financial aid awardees are eligible to receive a maximum grant of up to 50% of tuition.
  • Middle School awardees are eligible to receive a maximum grant of up to 75% of tuition.
  • Lower and Middle School named scholarship awardees are eligible to receive an award greater than 50% or 75%.
  • Students enrolled in Upper School may receive awards that equal their full financial need as determined by the school.

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