WT's Vision of the Future

A Dynamic Strategic Process

We will engage in a dynamic strategic process that embraces our Philosophy of Teaching and Learning and takes a bold approach to imagining our future. Through these efforts, we will develop individuals of strong character and prepare them for the demands of a changing world.

A Lens of Equity and Inclusion

Throughout our Strategic Design process, we will utilize our Equity and Inclusion Statement as a lens for learning and operating. It will therefore become an essential element that drives this process and is embedded in the culture, pedagogy, school model, and business operations. We will actively seek to identify and challenge inequities to strengthen our community and to improve the experience for every individual. We will engage all members of our community to fully participate in this effort.

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The cover story in the Summer 2019 issue of Thistletalk, WT's alumnae/i magazine, described our approach to strategic thinking about learning and leadership. It is from this context that we developed our vision for the future.

“Thriveability is about the present tense, the relentless attention to a meaningful learning experience for all.” Comprising that experience, notes GLP partner and research scientist Dr. Sarah Goldin, is “the school’s culture, climate, facilities, pedagogy, all wrapped into one, but not separable. It’s not a checklist of buckets of things to attend to; it’s the overall lens of the learning experience.”