Rethinking Time and Space

Aligned with WT’s strategic priorities of Reimagine Learning and Rethink Time and Space, the Joan Clark Davis Center for Interdisciplinary Learning stands as a groundbreaking facility, embodying these principles. Named after esteemed alumna Joan Clark Davis ’65, this center expands WT’s commitment to project-based and community-based learning, fosters collaboration across humanities, engineering, arts, and science programs, and enhances the impact of our renowned City as Our Campus initiative.

The impetus for the Davis Center arose from longstanding space challenges. With growing demand and enrollment success, these challenges persisted until the Davis Center's opening earlier this year. By relocating offices and expanding teaching and learning spaces, the Davis Center provided much-needed relief to both the Upper School Building and MPH, benefitting Lower and Middle School programs.

Molloy Posner Hall (MPH), however, was constructed 60 years ago for a student population much smaller than today’s. Therefore, the next phase of construction includes the renovation of the MPH Dining Room and Kitchen, as well as the Middle School Learning Commons.

Opening the Davis Center and planning for future renovation of Molloy Posner Hall are achievements that reflect the early success of WT’s Capital Campaign, Be Boundless. As we progress through the campaign, inspired by philanthropy, we aim to complete both construction projects by the start of the 2026-2027 school year.

These renderings reflect preliminary plans for the MPH Kitchen/Dining Room and Middle School Learning Commons renovations.
rendering of future dining hall