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WT Announces Molloy Posner Hall

Winchester Thurston School (WT) is pleased to announce that its Main Building, the cornerstone of the City Campus since the school moved to its Morewood Avenue location in the early 1960's, is being named Molloy Posner Hall. With this dedication, the school honors Anne Molloy and Henry Posner III who, since 1993, have quietly supported WT with extraordinary generosity and service, placing them among the largest donors and most selfless leaders in WT's history.

"There really are no truer friends to WT than Henry and Anne," reflects Head of School Gary Niels. "In addition to their historic generosity as a couple, Henry has been one of the most active trustees throughout his 19-year tenure on the Board."

The couple's generosity takes many forms. Molloy was a stalwart parent volunteer during the entire time the couple's three children were enrolled at WT, and Posner is an emeritus trustee, having served as a term trustee for 13 years, the last four as President. In addition, they endowed a scholarship fund, purchased property to expand the City Campus footprint, and established a challenge gift that propelled the recent Celebrate WT capital campaign to exceed its $20 million goal. Further, Posner is a member of the Miss Mitchell Society, the school's planned giving program which expands the vision of Dr. Mary A. Graham Mitchell, Head of School from 1902 through 1947.

Though Posner is humbled and honored, he is quick to stress that what sets WT apart is not a physical building. "It's not the building; it's the people. Remember, this was not WT's first building: The Pillared Portals still stand on Fifth Avenue and will soon be part of the CMU campus. It is hard to resist the temptation to interpret that as symbolic of WT's serving as a gateway to higher education," suggests Posner.

Molloy echoes that sentiment, noting that "When I visit, I see the Main Building showcasing the learning taking place daily. The building buzzes with activity. The walls are covered with extraordinary art. It is impossible to walk down the corridors without stopping to admire the accomplishments of WT students."

It is this devotion to WT's mission that drives the couple's dedication and continued participation both personally and philanthropically. "The combination of the school's culture and governance set it apart and make WT the school it is," notes Posner. "The culture is both broad and inclusive, and unique in its ability to bring out the best in a wide range of students. This is not new, it's been going on for generations, and it is why my kids went to WT."

The school will celebrate with a dedication ceremony on Thursday, April 13.