Inspired to Help – WT Students Create Solutions for those Impacted by the Pandemic

Inspired to Help – WT Students Create Solutions for those Impacted by the Pandemic

Inspired to help others impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, two Upper School students have put WT's credo, "Think also of the comfort and the rights of others," into action.

Sophomore Sam Kuzmishin works with his father to repair vehicles for those in need through the non-profit corporation Sam founded, Drive On.

"Without reliable transportation, many people struggle with holding a steady job or simply being able to perform daily tasks. I founded Drive On in order to address this need," notes Sam.

Drive On obtains cars from recognized charitable organizations, repairs them, and returns them. The cars are then given or sold (at a discounted price) by the charitable organization to an individual or family in need. Sam and his father recently worked with City Mission on their first charitable repair, a 2006 Buick Rainier.

Likewise, junior Sasha Likhachev recognized that remote learning, which was the only option during the pandemic for so many of her neighbors, was not meeting the needs of all students. She took her experience tutoring children in her Squirrel Hill neighborhood and created Teens4Tutors, a web platform created as part of Upper School Computer Science Course "Entrepreneurship and Product Design."

Teens4Tutors employs high school students to serve as tutors for middle school students. Sasha screens applicants through conversations with parents, teachers, and school administrators. Her goal is to help both eager students and busy parents. Her work was recently celebrated on Kidsburgh, an online resource focusing on the people and ideas making Pittsburgh a better place to raise kids.

We're so proud of the work Sam and Sasha are doing!