WT Announces New Director of Upper School

WT Announces New Director of Upper School

Winchester Thurston School (WT) is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Anne Fay as Director of Upper School, effective July 1, 2019. Dr. Fay has been serving as Interim Director this year.

In a process that attracted more than 30 applicants nationwide and spanned nearly five months, Dr. Fay's broad and deep experience in researching how students learn and in training faculty, along with her work this year in the interim role, impressed faculty, students, parents, administrators, and staff at each stage of the hiring process.

In this role, Dr. Fay will work closely with the rest of the WT Leadership Team to ensure that Upper School students are engaged in a way that allows them to be prepared for today's challenging, changing world.

Prior to serving as Interim Director, Dr. Fay served as WT's Director of eLearning. In this role, she worked with faculty at all levels on the thoughtful integration of technology tools into the curriculum, and oversaw membership in the Malone Schools Online Network.

"With this appointment, and the strength of the rest of the WT Leadership Team, I am confident that WT is well-positioned to develop the structures that will allow us to continue to be agile and effective as we guide our students through an ever-changing path to becoming vibrant, engaged citizens of the world," said Head of School Dr. Scott D. Fech. "As WT develops its next strategic plan, Anne's voice will be instrumental in helping craft a plan where both our students and our institution thrive."

Dr. Fay completed graduate studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Her dissertation was focused on Computer Programming Instruction: The acquisition & transfer of design skills. She served as a Visiting Associate Professor in the Psychology Department at Carnegie Mellon University. While there, she joined Carnegie Mellon's Office of Technology for Education & Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence first as an Educational Assessment Specialist, then as Assistant Director of Assessment, and finally a the Director of Assessment. Dr. Fay then joined the University of Pittsburgh as Executive Data Assessment Liaison & Co-Director of Business Intelligence, Computing Services & System Development.

Dr. Fay holds a Ph.D. in psychology with distinction from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and a B.A. in psychology with honors from York University, Ontario, Canada. She also completed post-doctoral positions at Carnegie Mellon University and as a McDonnell Foundation Post-Doctoral Research Fellow for Cognitive Studies in Educational Practice.

Dr. Fay is a WT alumnae parent of Fay Blelloch '16 and Siena Blelloch '18.