Celebrating Students' Accomplishments with Upper School Class Day

Celebrating Students' Accomplishments with Upper School Class Day

Each year, the diversity and depth of Upper School students' talents are recognized on Class Day.

On May 23, 2018, the following students were recognized:

Winchester Thurston Growth Award
Ayanna E. Townsend

Winchester Thurston City as Our Campus Award
The Go Green Team; Yijia Chen, Harrison D. Grodin, Lynne E. Irvin, Emma P. Francis

Winchester Thurston Equity and Inclusion Award
Brenda T. Hayes, GSSU Leader; Jonathan Hansen-Kemp, London Lining

Winchester Thurston Independent Thinking Award
Zihe Tian

Wadhwa Community Service Award
Lynne E. Irvin

Mimi Burke '73* Book Award
Sifan Tao

Zelda Wilmurt Drama Prize
Emily A. Bassett

Visual Arts Award
Isel L. Pollock

Student Ambassador Leaders Recognition
Julia A. Bulova, Christopher J. Uribe, Nadine H. Oury

Female Athlete of the Year Award
Gia L. Thorpe

Male Athlete of the Year Award
Jivak H. Nischal

Cassy Richards '01 Athlete of the Year Award
Tristan G. Forsythe, Ayanna E. Townsend

Patricia Schuerger Mathematics Award
Lynne E. Irvin

Virginia Ann Sheppard '41 History Prize
Isibéal E. McGough, Ayanna E. Townsend

The Pursuit of Science
Lynne E. Irvin

Award for Ingenuity in Technology, Research, and Design
Jonathan Hansen-Kemp, London Lining, Ashley S. Rayzer, Ayanna E. Townsend

Computer Science Award
Harrison D. Grodin

Nathan Hurrell '14* Performing Arts Service Award
Max F. Lasky

Technical Theater Award
Sophia M. Lebiere

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award
Donovan W. H. Moore, Cameron J. Johnson

National School Orchestra Award
Reilly C. Jackman, Charles E. Burton

Joe Negri Guitar Ensemble Award
Mason H. Miller, Griffin T. Gordon

National School Choral Award
Christina Vlachos, M. Romon Washington

Jeanne-Anna Widgery '37* English Award
Madeline P. Glackin

Lida B. Johnston Excellence in Latin Award
Ashanti S. Grisham

Excellence in French Award
Katharine S. Chaillet

Excellence in Chinese Award
Timothy J. Ganger

Excellence in Spanish Award
Anisa Callis, Mikayla S. Leimer

Genevieve Yagodkin Foreign Language Award
Griffin T. Gordon

In addition to student recognition, this year Director of Upper School Kristen Klein received a certificate for her 14 years of service at WT.