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"Embracing Our Differences": Middle School Launches Diversity Club

"We fit in because we are different."
"To be yourself."
"Embracing our differences."

These are just a few of the ways that students responded to the prompt: "How would you define diversity?" at the inaugural Middle School Diversity Club meeting in September.

Led by advisors Betsy Lamitina, Middle School English teacher, and Dana Woodruff, Middle School Administrative assistant, 35 students came together and responded to prompts, set goals for the school year, and participated in an activity called "Cross the Line," where students stepped over "the line" in response to statements with which they agreed. "This allowed students to view each other in a new light and find out that they were not alone," shared Betsy Lamitina.

Since that time, this new Middle School club has participated in a workshop with Rodney Glasgow, a noted speaker, facilitator, trainer, and activist in diversity, equity, and social justice, who has given a number of keynote presentations, delivered workshops, and offered consultation to schools and organizations nationwide, and hosted the first Heritage Advisory Potluck, one of three projects they hope to complete this year.

Students, faculty, and staff shared foods their families enjoy eating around the holidays to celebrate different cultures and diversity. In the students' own words:

"Our goal is to teach everybody about diversity and how it is important to us as a WT community and [as] humans trying to make a change in this world." – Talia and David, Middle School Diversity Club members, from the WT MS Times

The club also hopes to create a video focused on the theme, "What does diversity look like at WT?" and design diversity artwork for apparel.

Middle School Diversity Club Goals:

1: Celebrate the Diversity
2: Educating Ourselves and Others
3: Connecting Across Differences – Creating Open Spaces for Dialogue

The club meets once each six-day cycle and welcomes new members.