36 Students Recognized in the 2022 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards

36 Students Recognized in the 2022 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards

It was a banner year for WT students in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Thirty-six students earned a combined 87 total awards in the regional competitions, and one student, Felix Gamper, earned National Scholastic Writing Award for his personal essay/memoir "Berg to Burg: The Local Impact of Climate Change."

In the Pittsburgh Regional Scholastic Writing Awards, 29 Students earned 66 awards, including nine gold keys and 29 silver keys, across six categories. Felix Gamper's gold-key-winning piece also was awarded a silver medal at the national level.

In the Pittsburgh Regional Scholastic Art Awards, seven students earned 21 total awards, including six gold keys and four silver keys, across seven categories.

Congratulations to the following Awardees:

National Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

Felix Gamper, Class of 2024

  • Silver Medal, Personal Essay/Memoir, "Berg to Burg: The Local Impact of Climate Change"


Pittsburgh Regional Scholastic Writing Awards

Class of 2022

Zoe Apostolopoulos

  • Silver Key, Poetry, "Blood of the Rain"

Mackenna Roberts

  • Silver Key, Poetry, "Odepossum"

Class of 2023

Alexis Alarcon

  • Silver Key, Critical Essay, "To Err is Human, to Forgive Divine"

Marco Cardenes

  • Honorable Mention, Poetry, "Mirror"

Margee Dever

  • Silver Key, Personal Essay/Memoir, "Remembering the Past"
  • Silver Key, Critical Essay, "You'll Never Outgrow Your Indie Phase"
  • Silver Key, Poetry, "Sorry Doesn't Cut It"
  • Honorable Mention, Poetry, "Young Love"

Sarah Gimbel

  • Silver Key, Personal Essay/Memoir, "Fables"

Jocelyn Hayes

  • Silver Key, Personal Essay/Memoir, "Crumbs"

Javier Drahnak

  • Honorable Mention, Short Story, "Omni Colored Eyes"

Cyd Kennard

  • Silver Key, Critical Essay, "No One Cares That You Ran a Marathon"
  • Silver Key, Poetry, "Dear Mr. Ted"

Phillip Leong

  • Honorable Mention, Poetry, "March 2021"

Wyatt Lyda

  • Silver Key, Poetry, "Silence and Disappointment"

Jordan Poller-Prince

  • Honorable Mention, Poetry, "What is an American?"
  • Honorable Mention, Poetry, "Pandemic Poem: The First Year"
  • Honorable Mention, Poetry, "A Lesson in Time and a View into the Past"

Alexander Sayette

  • Gold Key, Poetry, "F—"
  •  Gold Key, "Love Story"
  • Gold Key, Poetry, "One Half of a Love Story"
  • Silver Key, Personal Essay/Memoir, "400 Meters"
  • Silver Key, Personal Essay/Memoir, "When the World Begins to Breathe"
  • Silver Key, Poetry, "Dream Logic: Three Poems"
  • Honorable Mention, Poetry, "Baptism"
  • Honorable Mention, Poetry, "The Birthday Party"
  • Honorable Mention, "Koi"
  • Honorable Mention, Poetry, "The Doppler Effect"

Jayanthi Simhan

  • Gold Key, Poetry, "Dictionary for a Pandemic Lifestyle"

Uma Simhan

  • Silver Key, Critical Essay, "Cultural Appropriation in The Nightmare Before Christmas"
  • Honorable Mention, Poetry, "Minotaur"
  • Honorable Mention, Poetry, "Sestina"
  • Honorable Mention, Poetry, "Notes to God"

Cate Sindler

  • Silver Key, Poetry, "Marilyn's Music"
  • Honorable Mention, Poetry, "an ode to my trousers"
  • Honorable Mention, Poetry, "The Big Green-Eyed Cat"

Rohan Sykora

  • Silver Key, Personal Essay/Memoir, "History: Imagination and Perspectives"
  • Silver Key, Poetry, "Good Enough"

Ben Winslow

  • Gold Key, Personal Essay/Memoir, "Kid-Sized Fear"
  • Silver Key, Journalism, "The Longest War: A Reflection on Afghanistan"
  • Silver Key, Personal Essay/Memoir, "Sunrise Over a Graveyard"
  • Honorable Mention, Journalism, "Goodbye Democratic Agenda, Hello Joe Manchin"
  • Honorable Mention, Journalism, "Kardashians Take SNL, Sexism Soon Follows"

Helen Zhang

  • Silver Key, Poetry, "Of Pablo and His Lover"
  • Honorable Mention, Poetry, "Beksinski's Nightmare Tree"

Class of 2024

Natalie Azar

  • Honorable Mention, Personal Essay/Memoir, "The Home of the Dead is My Haven"

Rho Bloom-Wang

  • Gold Key, Poetry, "Writing in Vegetable Ash"
  • Gold Key, Poetry, "Wilderness"
  • Silver Key, Poetry, "Nocturnal"
  • Honorable Mention, Poetry, "(Fabricated) Late Night Walks"

Julia Finke

  • Silver Key, Personal Essay/Memoir, "The Sundeck at My Grandparents' House"

Felix Gamper

  • Gold Key, Personal Essay, Memoir, "Berg to Burg: The Local Impact of Climate Change"

Vanessa Gonzalez-Rychener

  • Honorable Mention, Critical Essay, "Rebels' Gradient: A Comparison of Different Kinds of Rebels and Rebellion in Epics"
  • Honorable Mention, Poetry, "Watcher"

Gwendolyn Rhinehart

  • Honorable Mention, Personal Essay/Memoir, "Transport"

Julia Sayette

  • Silver Key, Personal Essay/Memoir, "Magic House"

Tadao Tomokiyo

  • Gold Key, Personal Essay/Memoir, "A Happy Story"
  • Silver Key, Journalism, "The Japanese People Want Change, But the Election Won't Give It to Them"

Class of 2025

Dagny Haglund

  • Honorable Mention, Short Story, "Inert"

Mikayla Nowlin

  • Honorable Mention, Poetry, "A Glimpse into Mikayla's Mind"


Pittsburgh Regional Scholastic Art Awards

Class of 2022

Hannah Chang

  • Gold Key, Drawing & Illustration, "Reflection"
  • Gold Key, Drawing & Illustration, "Presidents"
  • Gold Key, Drawing & Illustration, "Who's in the Fishbowl"
  • Gold Key, Drawing & Illustration, "Drowning in Technology"
  • Silver Key, Drawing & Illustration, "Personal Rights vs. Public Health"
  • Silver Key, Comic Art, "Self-Defense?"
  • Honorable Mention, Comic Art, "Princess and the Pea"
  • Honorable Mention, Comic Art, "Do you believe in dragons?"
  • Honorable Mention, Drawing & Illustration, "You Don't Belong Here"

Kate McAllister

  • Gold Key, Photography, "Trust"
  • Honorable Mention, Photography, "Mon Amie"
  • Honorable Mention, Ceramics & Glass, "Turtles & Tea"
  •  Honorable Mention, Art Portfolio, "Testimony"

Sophia Nicholls

  • Gold Key, Ceramics & Glass, "Magic Notes"
  • Silver Key, Jewelry, "Flying"

Class of 2023

Jayanthi Simhan

  • Honorable Mention, Drawing & Illustration, "Shattered"
  • Honorable Mention, Drawing & Illustration, "Engulfed"

Class of 2024

Vanessa Gonzalez-Rychener

  • Honorable Mention, Photography, "Silhouetted Suspense"
  • Honorable Mention, Photography, "Morning Drink"

Gwendolyn Rhinehart

  • Honorable Mention, Ceramics & Glass, "The Other Cheek"

Cara Wagner-Oke

  • Silver Key, Sculpture, "Resting Horse"

See a sample of pieces recognized in the Scholastic Art Awards: 

Pieces honored with Gold Key awards in the regional competitions were entered into a competition to compete for national awards.

Congratulations to all!

Founded in 1923, the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards are the nation's longest-running and most prestigious recognition program for creative teens.