Our Commitment to Anti-Racism

In order to:

  • Help our community heal from experiences of racism, inequity, bias, and prejudice
  • Create lasting change
  • Provide a safe learning environment
  • Openly affirm all Black members of our community, including students, parents, alumnae/i, and employees...
We commit to:
  • Move away from silence and engage in courageous conversations
  • Invite and engage our alumnae/i in the work of reconciliation and healing
  • Identify and implement processes and systems that safely allow students and employees to report, and immediately and appropriately respond to, instances of racism and bias in order to seek to protect our Black students and minimize ongoing harm
  • Develop the processes by which we regularly review our curriculum and student activities to promote positive racial identity development
  • Refine our hiring and retention processes to increase the number of Black administrators, faculty, and staff
  • Re-examine and reconsider existing disciplinary policies and practices
  • Complete an institutional diversity, equity, and inclusion assessment with an external consulting firm
  • Require Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work be included in each employee's professional development plan, annual goals, and evaluation
  • Evaluate our list of vendors to support minority-owned businesses whenever possible
  • As selected by our Upper School students, and led by Black student leaders, support organizations dedicated to the work of anti-racism
  • Communicate more frequently about our work to create an anti-racist community

These are just our first steps to build a more equitable community and an anti-racist culture. We know that this is lifelong work, and there will be times when we succeed and times when we will make mistakes.