Equity and Inclusion


Equity and Inclusion Statement

Winchester Thurston School is guided by our credo, “Think also of the comfort and rights of others,” which affirms our pursuit to be a more inclusive School rooted in the social and pedagogical benefits that diversity, social-emotional wellness, and physical well-being brings.

We understand that challenging moments must be met with determination and empathy.

We will place the highest value on enabling students to embrace their own identities and respect those of others via our commitment to fostering authenticity and belonging across the School.


It is our moral imperative to be courageous and intentional in promoting understanding, addressing bias, identifying and honoring qualities of justice, respecting multiple perspectives and contributions, and valuing the dignity of all.

Approved by the WT Board of Trustees on May 28, 2023.









Members of the WT community discuss Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our Work

In support of our strategic priorities and in collaboration with our full community, WT has identified actions to support all members of our community and advance our commitment to equity and inclusion.

Action Plan

Rooted in restorative practice and in alignment with our strategic priorities, the Action Plan framework provides guidance and strategies for the WT community to approach long-term change. The hope is to minimize traumatic experiences and create an environment where belonging feels tangible.

Glossary of Terms

This is WT's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Glossary of Terms. See something missing? Would you like to suggest an edit to one of these definitions? If so, please provide comments and suggested edits to Mary Martin, Interim Director of Equity, Inclusion, and Wellness.

Our Team

Interim Director of Equity and Inclusion

Mary Martin is a WT alumnus, a parent of alumni, and previously served as an Upper School Art Teacher for over 20 years. As a faculty member, she worked closely with her predecessor as an Upper School Equity and Inclusion Liaison. Ms. Martin brings both institutional and subject knowledge to this leadership role.

Equity and Inclusion Liaisons

Charged with the responsibility of supporting colleagues and engaging in action planning to advance the work promised in the Equity and Inclusion Statement, the liaisons help to advance our commitment in their respective areas. There is a liaison for each of the three divisions and one who supports staff and administrators.

Board of Trustees Committee

The Board of Trustees Equity and Inclusion Committee is a dedicated group aiming to foster a growth mindset among Board members. This includes educating the board on DEIW concepts and empowering its members to become ambassadors who can both articulate and justify the central role of DEIW in WT's success.

Additionally, the committee focuses on implementing action plans that encompass various aspects, such as anti-bias training, understanding intent versus impact, promoting restorative practices, providing frameworks for facilitating critical conversations, exploring the history of racialized violence in America, staying updated on industry trends, and adopting best practices for DEIW work in independent schools.

The committee analyzes and provides clarification of WT's credo, ensuring that it cannot be weaponized by those with concerns about DEIW commitments. Lastly, the committee works towards creating a robust framework or system of accountability for both themselves and others, establishing mechanisms to ensure transparency, progress, and alignment with DEIW goals.

The Board of Trustees Equity and Inclusion Committee members are:

    • Joy Titus Young '92
      Trustee and Committee Chair
    • Kerry Bron '84
    • Brandi Lynn Dumas '99
    • Brea Heidelberg '02
    • Illah Nourbakhsh
      Trustee and Parent
    • Tiffany Sizemore '95
    • Rashaa Brown
    • Matt Herron
    • Don Mike Mendoza '06
    • Jen Morse
    • Monica Manes Gay
      Employee and Parent

Our Diversity Statistics

  • More than 36% of students are students of color.
  • Over $3.6 million in financial aid awarded annually.
  • 18 scholarships awarded for students entering grades 6–12.
  • Students come from 69 zip codes and 39 school districts.

Student Involvement Opportunities

  • Local, regional, and national Conferences
  • Student Equity and Inclusion Leadership Council
  • African American Buddy Program
  • Upper School student unions including Feminist, Black, Gender and Sexual Identity, Community Service

Want to get involved? Contact Mary Martin, Interim Director of Equity, Inclusion, and Wellness, at martinm@winchesterthurston.org.


Work with Us

WT is dedicated to the goal of building a culturally diverse and pluralistic community and strongly encourages applications from people of color, LGBTQ candidates, and women. Visit our Careers page to learn more and to view open positions.