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Winchester Thurston School's strategic priorities build upon the successes of the past 15 years to ensure the school stays on a continuous path of innovation and excellence. With a deep and shared commitment to WT's students, our faculty, administration, and board will develop, implement, and support initiatives that sustain WT as the smart place to learn and the smart place to teach. Through strategic efforts in four domains, we will create a smart future.

Final Report November 2018

Year 2 Progress Report October 2017

Year 1 Progress Report September 2016

DOMAIN 1: Programmatic Innovation


  1. Distinguished by a broad spectrum of teaching practices that engage students and enhance learning, WT will continue its growth by expanding faculty use of innovative and varied practices and by becoming a national leader in developing, assessing, and sharing teaching practices that meet the needs of the 21st century learner. Areas of emphasis include City as Our Campus and eLearning.
  2. WT will create enrollment demand by developing and offering innovative, dynamic summer academic programs that enrich and advance students at all ages, and introduce prospective students and parents to the full WT experience.
  3. WT will foster a culture of well-being by exploring, developing, and enhancing a program that promotes moral life, student wellness, and equity and inclusion.
  4. WT will utilize the natural environment of the Lower School North Campus to enrich the learning experience for students and differentiate the program; the school will also further the educational collaboration between the City and North Campus Lower Schools to broaden the educational and social opportunities for the students on each campus.

DOMAIN 2: Financial Vitality


  1. WT will evaluate the impact of increasing international student enrollment; we will assess the needs of international students and develop a plan to best serve these needs.
  2. WT will re-evaluate and redefine the brand, positioning the school as an educational thought leader and authentically promoting it to attract and retain students, growing our enrollment and fundraising.

DOMAIN 3: Competitive and Sustainable Facilities


  1. WT will establish a master plan that prioritizes short- and long-term programmatic and enrollment needs, and that can be implemented incrementally resulting in facilities that maximize our current footprint(s), match the quality of our educational program, appeal to prospective families, and reduce our carbon footprint.

DOMAIN 4: Generative Planning


  1. To ensure an ongoing commitment to innovation and sustainability, WT will monitor and analyze trends, study and explore the feasibility of long-term strategies, and recommend educational, programmatic, and fiscal initiatives for future strategic plans.
  2. WT will develop an ethos of environmental sustainability in the culture, to ensure we are embracing the concepts and practices of sustainability in our curricula, programs, and facilities.