Our Mission

At Winchester Thurston, we strive to cultivate not only academic excellence but also the development of individuals with unwavering character, valuing the well-being and rights of others above all else, just as envisioned by our founder. As one of the best private schools in Pittsburgh, we take pride in our role as pioneers of educational innovation, delivering a curriculum that is both rigorous and forward-thinking, equipping our students with the necessary skills to navigate a rapidly evolving world. Our commitment to providing an exceptional learning environment has propelled our students towards gaining admission to the most prestigious colleges across the nation.

A Focus on Diversity and Equity

Since its establishment in 1887, Winchester Thurston has grown into a distinguished independent, coeducational, college preparatory school that has garnered national recognition within Pittsburgh and beyond. With a student body of 674, we take pride in fostering a diverse and inclusive community where more than 36% of our students represent a wide range of cultural backgrounds. Our unwavering commitment to equity is evident through our annual financial aid program, which awards over $3.8 million to deserving students, as well as the availability of 18 scholarships specifically designed for students entering grades 6-12.

Our Philosophy of Learning

We are dedicated to actively engaging each and every student in a stimulating and empowering learning journey that fosters their intellectual growth, ignites their motivation to excel, and cultivates their character to become compassionate contributors to society. Our educational philosophy revolves around a deep passion for learning, fostering a tight-knit community, embracing the richness of diversity, pushing beyond conventional boundaries, and effecting positive transformations. Join us at our esteemed private school in Pittsburgh, where we blend intellectual development with heartfelt empathy, molding the leaders who will shape a brighter future.